We are pleased to announce the publication of the fourth issue of Uncertainty Club, the only known magazine of Zen and the Arts. The theme of the Fall/Winter 2018 issue is a line from an ancient Chinese poet. The line is in our koan curriculum, which means that we meditate with it and see what it offers us, and where it takes us.

It appears in The Blue Cliff Record as a comment on this koan:

Yunmen said, “I’m not asking you about before the full moon. Come and say a word or two about after the full moon.”

He responded to his own request, “Every day is a good day.”

Through thousands of years, watching the tracks of the flying birds has been a meditation. When I watch birds nothing needs to be mended, there is nowhere I need to go to. We are here, there is just sky and birds. We become the host of whatever appears. This seems to be respectful of life.

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